Zero Population Growth (ZPG):
People becomes a population – number?: scientific reductionism: The Population Bomb:

Ben David (the Messiah) won’t come until all the neshamot have been in bodies: Generations from the seeds/Zera:

Adam 130 years spilling seeds: This fallen seed was reincarnated in [slavery in] Egypt:

Have more kids to speed moshiach: descriptive or prescriptive?

Sukka fem. protecting masc.: schach klippot over kli: raising up kilppot is a tikun:

biodiversity = cultural diversity, +-

Purpose of creation is tikun?: Static vs. dynamic:

Amartya Sen: Famine is political: Not about food but money and distribution:

Potlatch: Abundance thinking as potential not as actual: Abundance means there can be enough for everybody:

Environmental footprint: One american = 50 Bolivians e.g.: Developed vs. undevel. countries: Ecological time vs. human time: Last 200 years accel. impacts and change:


Relevant insights of ecofeminism:
1.Establishing that healing the earth is inseparable from social justice
2.Establishing that spirituality is intrinsic to solving the environmental predicament
3.Linking environmental sanity to the creation of sustainable peace:

Daniel Quinn’s “Takers” and “Leavers” relevant: DQ accept birth and earth opposed?: Eve gift of life: life without limit?:

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Irene Diamond, Micha Odenheimer, Matthew Mausner, Shaul Judelman, Sarah Weil, Mia Rachel xx, Eliyahu McLean, Rachel Leah xx, Gershon Gottlieb, Amos xx. ed. MM

Ecological science and environmentalism tend to accept a model that puts human birth in conflict with the well-being of the earth.

Pru R’Vu Go forth and multiply:
Birth Control: condom, pill:
Famine → halacha to stop sex/birth:
Infanticide (tribal): Abortion (modern): Empower women: choice: wanted vs. unwanted children: Medicine – birth defects & diseases live: “Nature’s beautiful & perfect, humans just destroy it: So why am I alive?”: Do humans “belong” or see ourselves as belonging: Hopelessness, Apocalyptic eco crisis: Nihilism & Existentialism: Brave to commit suicide?:

Roots of environmentalism, secular & scientific values: in rationalism (Yavan) and Christianity: Christians born in sin: Jesus self-sacrifice: Crucifixion ultimate infanticide: God sacrificed his own son: Akeida: Are Jewish & indigenous values opposed to Greek/rational/Christian?: How much do we get to control our reality or others’ actions?: Categorical imperative:

Our context/assumption: yes there’s a world crisis: ecological, spiritual, capitalism/material:

The dominant economic model – global corporate capitalism – is wrong/evil: dependence: exploitation: mistreatment of women: Empowering women = choice:

Demographic reductionism and the population/resources model
a. Is there a simple relationship between the number of people and the impact on the environment?
b. Are humans even “separate” from the natural world/environment?
c. Is ecological science dominated by conceptions of scarcity?
d. Are ecosystems stable in any way that can be “preserved”?
e. Can an approach of abundance better serve both science and human needs?

Jews’ population: census in torah: usur to count Jews:
Shoah: Replace Holo. victims with big families: Haredi mindset 10+: Haredim moving closer to Christian right: Catholic Pope against birth control: Pope seen as against eco.:
India village introduced TV → birth rate went down: college degree predictor of lower birthrate:
JUDGING traditional peoples for valuing life/birth differently:

Inheritance (tribal or divine): justice related to land:

Mopsik “Body of Engenderment”

Why (in first Ohr Esther event) attack envir. mov. rather than corrupt capitalism?:

Chesed/Gvura of abundance: CH sharing, GV taboos

Post-Agricultural Revolution uncontrolled population growth:

Rainbow colors about earth: Gold & Silver about divine: gold inward/ defining: silver outward/open: Jews linked to gold & silver matrix:

souls come back into bodies to do their tikun:

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